Advanced Technology

Wireless Bridge

We can beam camera images as far as a mile away using wireless bridge technology. No more trenching or boring under pavement. No more overhead runs. We can also beam the internet the same distances.

Electronic Perimeter Protection

A large landscaping company was experiencing   theft from some of their trailers. The solution was simple we created a secure area to park the equipment in using sensors, audio and visual alarms and cellular communication to managers smart phones and our monitoring center. The result no theft in 3 years.

Cellular Communication

Our 4G Cellular Router is great as a roll-over service for standard internet failure for Retail and the Food Industry. We use it for remote camera viewing and temporary internet service. 

Vehicle Alerts

We carry a complete line of entry alert devices.

Custom Alarm Design

In most cases we can create a custom system to meet your needs from an active shooter alarm to panic buttons or detection needs. Call us and we will be glad to work with you toward a solution

Special Installation Equipment

We have equipment and special vehicles ready to roll to meet your needs.